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Welcome to North America Association of Coaches and Counselors (NAACC) training and certification modules.

We'll help you get trained and certified as a Coach or Counselor.

Get started on your dream to become a trained and certified Christian Counselor or Life Coach. 

Get your Life Coaching and/or Christian Counseling certification today and get started on an amazing career.

All the courses are online via videos and ebooks. Plus one full year of annual membership, 1 Year directory listing, continuing education and much more.

After completion you will receive a full size framable certificate.

Why get trained and certified with NAACC

1. Instant credibility.
Certification gives you credibility as a coach and/or counselor. Credibility means you have put in the work, education and training required to be a be a coach or counselor and that increases your value and the fees you can charge for your professional services.

2. Training.
The amount of training and education you will receive from our certification program is priceless and will help you in your practice.

3. Income.

An average coach or counselor makes $70K-$150K per year working for themselves.

4. Change lives.

The number one reason most people want to be a counselor or coach is because they feel a strong passion to help other people
change their lives.

5. Annual Membership.

Certification with NAACC also comes with a One-Year annual association membership and continuing education.

6. Legacy.
Coaching and counseling help you to build a legacy. 

Become a certified
Christian Counselor and Life Coach today!

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